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You see, the contract free T-Mobile iPhone 6 that Apple is selling is what is generally referred to as the “ factory unlocked ” version of the smartphone. This means that even though it ships with a T-Mobile SIM card, it isn’t locked to the carrier at all, and thus, you can discard the SIM and put in one of your choice.

  • There are three iPhone 6 users on MacRumors who swapped their ATT card on a Contract Free (unlocked) T-Mobile and they worked fine, the only report from the users who swapped iPhone 5 SIMM to iPhone 6 slot were that they received a text message from ATT to upgrade the SIM card, but the phone works perfectly unlocked when the T-Mobile phone is.
  • If I go into my local Apple store and get a T-Mobile version of the iPhone 6, will it be unlocked? I just want to pay the FULL price of the phone and that's it. No contract, just to be unlocked.

Said by:The iPhones are all locked upon launch. There have got happen to be some reviews of contract-frée T-Mobile versions getting unlocked, but l wouldn't trust it to be long lasting.iPhone 6/6+ should end up being obtainable unlocked from Apple eventually.

In the past, it's long been 2-3 months after start.All Verizon models are usually unlocked, whether backed or not really, per an agreement with the FCC Verizon signed when buying spectrum some years back. T-Mobile cell phones purchased directly from Apple company are usually unlocked, but phones purchased from a T-Mobile store are locked to T-MobiIe. (For T-MobiIe, this offers been verified many periods over on MacRumors, as nicely as via my personal personal encounter.)With the iPhoné 6, the CDMA radio can be enabled later, so all unIocked ATT/T-MobiIe/Verizon cell phones function on each other's networks.

Sprint, aside from refusing to unlock phones for any reason, also utilizes a independent model that may or may not be compatible with the some other networks-I'meters not certain. Sorry, double post.You should become fine purchasing a T-MobiIe iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from the Apple Shop or from Apple's online store. Chances are usually that there gained't become any accessible stock of either design right right now irrespective of where you move to make the buy.

So you'll most likely have got to wait a 30 days or therefore after you have placed your purchase unless something has transformed with availabilityWireless carriers like T-Mobile earned't sell you an unlocked iPhone straight through their store or on the web and they seem to have got stock issues as well. If you consider to purchase through one of the service providers like T-MobiIe it will end up being locked irrespective if you pay full cost and it earned't be unlocked by the transporter until it'beds become on their network for something like 47 times or so. Once it's long been on their system for that designated minimum time they will uncover it at your request.The differentiation here is that the Apple Store isn't the exact same store as the T-Mobile shop.What that indicates will be you can purchase a locked T-Mobile iPhone directly from T-Mobile and put it on á Prepaid T-MobiIe contract free service choice for the 47 days if you wish to go that route.It'beds less complicated to move through Apple company directly and get an unlocked T-Mobile model. This is definitely what I did and it worked fine best out of the container with my H2O Wireless (ATT MVNO) SlM. After I cut the SIM down to dimension to fit that is usually.

Said by:I actually noticed that iOS 8 can be really buggy nowNot also a little let alone quite.Good catch.I haven't observed many insects at aIl in iOS 8 / 8.1 and of the several that I possess seen nothing offered me any degree of significant concern.Maybe older gadgets have more problems though. The iPhoné 4 I ugraded from (to the iPhone 6 Plus) wasn't eligable for upgrade to iOS 8 / 8.1 so I have got no stage of reference point on such old gadget (probably the 4S is usually slow and buggy on iOS 8 / 8.1 but I wouldn't know).Or maybe this is usually in research to the early bug when iOS 8 was released and some models lost mobile connectivity but that has been short lived. It had been amazing that like a point occurred at all again it was short lived.I wouldn't worry about any óf this though.

Iphone 6 Tmobile No Contract Unlocked Phones

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